Gamergenic just launched a 'technical' Space-domain blog


stupid Rocket Tricks (dot com)

Do you know any stupid Rocket Tricks?

These don’t count! (I recommend no one click the link, you’ll never get those 29 seconds of your life back.)

If you’re developing software in the Space/SpaceFlight domain you’ll want to keep an eye on

The goal of is to be a resource for space flight/simulation professionals, experts, and enthusiasts. This new website will feature content of a more technical nature than is found in online Space news media.

For instance, many Space/Spaceflight news blogs might discuss space debris. would be likely to include code snippets allowing readers to do their own research with the discussion.

Corny, yes, but also true: Our goal is to earn your support

We believe in returning support to those who support us. Thus, we also believe supporting others is the best way to generate support for ourselves.

Another believe we share is “a rising tide lifts all boats”. We see you not as a potential competitor but a potential collaborator or partner. By definition, helping you be better helps us all become better as a whole.

Our mission is to earn your support

We do this by providing content of value, free for your use. This comes in the form of website posts, in the form of tools and source code, and in the form of making our products “Source Available” and a base others can build from.

Confused which website is of interest to you?

We spent all day making a graphic for you:

Domains of... domains.

Okay, fine, it wasn’t a whole day, but it sorta felt like it :-D.

And btw, it’s been a very Very VERY busy month! Planning to get some more posts up this week.

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