Adding Third-Party Libraries to Unreal Engine : Series Update



The 5th and final post of the series will be up soon. It includes a very detailed walkthrough - anyone who wants to try out the library should be able to get started quickly.

In the meantime the code is available on GitGub. The project does change rapidly at present; it is an evolving project used by a project in development, something to keep in mind.

The library can do quite a bit, though. You can build entire solar systems, predict events (eclipses, near misses, etc) and visualize them. It was a snap to create a mesh for Phobos straight from a NASA DSK kernel, all in Blueprints.

Video from a library sample project:

If space flight in UE5 is of interest for you, feel free to check out the code on GitGub.

The page for Part 5 is live.

Part 5 : Adding Third-Party Libraries - Part 5

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